Hello and welcome to Nitro Tools. My name is Derrick and I am on a mission to provide high quality applications, generators, bots, and adders to help you exploit games and premium services.

NitroTools.com started in 2016 with the goal to provide exclusive generators. One day while I was playing the popular CoC on my phone, I decided to check online to see whether there were shortcuts that I could take to reduce the time I spent on the hard levels. Who doesn't want to level up quick?

This led me from website to website in search for a generator to add game resources. I discovered that legit generators are hard to come by. Most of what I saw were fake. Actually, only two adders worked for me. The only problem being , I was required to complete more than five surveys in order for them to work.

The Big Idea

I thought to myself, since I am a programmer, why don't I create my own apps for my personal use. The process of creating my first hack tool was not easy. However, I was able to complete it. It worked like a charm. I then went and shared it on a popular gaming forum online. The response I got was overwhelming. People loved it! I was asked to create applications for other games. That is how this site began.

NitroTools.com is meant as an archive for all the applications that I have created in the past and also as a platform for users to get in touch in case the applications have bugs.

Our Skills​

NitroTools team includes: two programmers and one UI designer.

Enjoy your stay​

Look around and test some apps. In case of anything, don't hesitate to get in touch. ​